Jobs in the "queued" state for 3 days already

Hi all,

I’m very new to the REANA (came here following the ATLAS workshop from two weeks ago), and I was trying to run a REANA job, no matter how simple. All my jobs failed on Thursday, and I kept trying on Friday. However, two of my three jobs I submitted on Friday are still in the “queued” state:

I see some activity in our ATLAS Mattermost channel where some people successfully run their REANA jobs, so I guess it’s just me. What can be wrong here?

Regarding this finished job of mine, it has no logs available. What can be the reason for this? How do I make sure the job did what it was supposed to do in this case?


Hi @ysmirnov, sorry for my late reply, it happened that the REANA cluster was running many heavy workflows since last Friday, so there was a lot of incoming queue to process… Please see also my reply in the other thread regarding pending status and job logs.