Reana-client stop fails

I get the following message when trying to stop an accidentally-created workflow:

(reana) [damacdon@lxplus767 workflow]$ reana-client stop -w workflow


Graceful stop not implement yet. If you really want to stop your workflow without waiting for jobs to finish use: --force option

When I add the --force option, as follows

(reana) [damacdon@lxplus767 workflow]$ reana-client stop --force -w workflow

I get the following error message:

Cannot stop workflow workflow: 
Workflow b2fe0369-7a5b-49fb-8480-55d12814c1ef could not be stopped.

Update: It seems that the workflow may have been successfully stopped, despite the error message. It seems to be “stuck” on the first step (it should have moved on to subsequent steps by now), though the reana webpage still shows the workflow as ‘running’ (see attached)

Hi @damacdon, you’re completely right, this is an issue we detected during the Awesome workshop and we want to fix as soon as possible. It’s already in our issue tracker ( Feel free to add some remarks if you think it’s missing something.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for pointing me to this issue @mvidalgarcia! I can confirm that the behaviour I see seems to be fully consistent with what you report in the github issue for the recast-atlas example.