When using the HTCondor backend, the directory /var/reana (and therefore $REANA_WORKSPACE) doesn’t exist on the worker node. The job runs on a scratch directory /pool/condor/dir_ whose value can be found in the environment variable _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR. In my workflow step scripts, I tend to use absolute paths when pointing to files or directories. When I use the Kubernetes backend I then use REANA_WORKSPACE and when I use the HTCondor backend I use _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR. I did not find a common environment variable that points to the working (scratch) directory in both cases. Would it be possible to have such a variable, for example JOB_SCRATCH_DIR = REANA_WORKSPACE when using Kubernetes backend and JOB_SCRATCH_DIR = _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR when using HTCondor backend?