Using r2d for building environments

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reana is awesome! I have probably a bit of a rookie Q, but is there any recommended way to use repo2docker to build my own env? Seen some discussion touching on this, but nothing specific …

Any suggestions?

Dear Achim Arnim,
repo2docker is an environment builder for binder project, which ment to be used for python notebooks demos or show cases. the reana is more than python.

in reana we provide a prebuild docker enviroment. the docker enviroments are built on the external service. for example: gitlab-ci and gitlab-registry(self hosted) or github and dockerhub(commercial)

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Thank you, @arm2arm, for the quick reply :blush:.

REANA is an awesome project. I don’t suggest that r2d covers all potential use cases for Building Your Own Environment for REANA. What I have been wondering is if there could be value in being able to reuse images created from Binder-ready projects. There are many Binder-ready projects on GitHub, and having the option to batch run them on REANA as well could be interesting.

But I might be wrong about this :thinking:.

i think any binder ready projects are easy to run on the reana.
most of the binder projects are containing requirements.txt only.
you can make a steps in reana.yaml:

  • git clone binderready-project
  • pip install -r requierements.txt
  • papermill example.ipynb
    or something similar…
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Hi @arnim

It may be interesting indeed to provide an example on how to run r2d projects on REANA.

Do you have a concrete data analysis in mind that exists on GitHub, uses open data, does not take too long to run, and could be interesting for general audience? We could perhaps create a new reana-demo-... example to cover the r2d needs, or at least enrich the documentation in this sense.